Dr. Michael Frankel

Chief Medical Officer, WELL Health Technologies Corp

“WELL AI Inbox Admin has been shown to reduce time associated with fax management by more than 60% by seamlessly integrating AI into clinic workflows and digitizing these documents and allowing them to be smartly categorized and triaged.”

  • Time saved with faxes 60%
  • Hours saved per week 40
  • Phone answering rate 90%

The challenge

Despite advancements in digital healthcare, fax machines remain widely used in Canada for essential communications like prescriptions, test requisitions, and referrals. Managing these faxes is time-consuming and prone to errors, creating a significant administrative burden for clinicians and staff. The challenge was to streamline this process to improve efficiency and ensure timely patient care.

The solution

WELL AI Inbox Admin, whitelabeled from Phelix AI’s FaxAI, automates the handling of incoming faxes and integrates seamlessly with EMR systems like WELL’s OSCARPro. By employing smart tagging technology, the system accurately reads and organizes faxes, ensuring documents are sorted and categorized efficiently. This automation has allowed clinics to process approximately 2,000 to 3,000 incoming faxes weekly, saving 15 to 20 hours per week previously spent on manual fax management.

These time savings have enabled staff to focus on critical patient-related tasks and manage incoming patient calls more effectively. Before implementing WELL AI Inbox Admin, clinic staff could respond to only 60 percent of incoming patient calls. With the new system, this rate has risen to a 90 percent connect rate, significantly improving the efficiency of attending to patient needs. Overall, the introduction of WELL AI Inbox Admin has not only increased productivity in fax triaging but also led to broader efficiency improvements within the clinics.

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