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AI powered automation platform that alleviates admin burden and connects healthcare workflows across the patient journey - including triaging faxes, answering the phone, scheduling, managing referrals, prior auth workflows, task automation, intake, charting, and followups - with more control than other tools on the market!

Phelix saves 1000's of hours daily for leading providers

tasks automated per month
providers rely on Phelix
time saved per workflow
reduction in phone calls

Your EMR assistant

Phelix saves over 75% of staff time spent on repetitive healthcare workflow tasks alongside the EMR

  • Document & Inbox Triage

    Industry leading AI for triaging and processing incoming faxes, EMR messages, referrals, e-mails, records, reports and more

    Healthcare fax automation
  • Virtual agents & chatbots

    AI powered phone or website agent to automate bookings, send SMS messages, create tasks, capture notes, FAQ’s, surveys, and more

  • Patient Journey Automation

    Quickly deploy reminder, form, booking, intake, post visit, campaign and clinical trial workflows - with more control than any tool on the market

Building the automation platform for healthcare

Phelix combines healthcare specific AI models, intelligent automation, and event driven interfaces to seamlessly integrate alongside or within EHR’s, RIS’s, HIS’s, and other portals or apps, with minimal disruption to existing workflows. Get in touch to learn more about our solutions and integration options!

Integration Partners

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Phelix powers all kinds of healthcare clinics and workflows

  • 60%

    Time saved with faxes

  • 40

    Hours saved per week

  • 90%

    Phone answering rate

Dr. Michael Frankel

Chief Medical Officer

"WELL AI Inbox Admin has been shown to reduce time associated with fax management by more than 60% by seamlessly integrating AI into clinic workflows and digitizing these documents and allowing them to be smartly categorized and triaged."

  • 75%

    Time saved with inbox

  • 50%

    Prior auths fully automated

  • 90%

    Digital registrations

Chris Fitzgerald

VP Technology Services

"Having put it in action in Akumin's clinics, the Phelix RIS achieves a level of digitization, automation, and efficiency gains that are not really possible with any other RIS or add-ons."

Power your workflows with Phelix AI

Phelix's AI powered document and note processing API's turn messy and unstructured healthcare PDF's into machine readable and structured JSON data. All models are available 'out-of-the-box' in Canada and US regions, and can be deployed in your app or workflow within days.

  • FaxAI

    Automatically triage and convert incoming faxes into structured data for your EMR or app

  • ClinOCR

    Novel way to parse, tag, and store clinical text from multi-page clinical documents, notes, and records

  • ClinQ&A

    Custom LLM Implementation, fine tuned for question and answering from healthcare documents, notes, and records

  • ClinSUM (coming soon)

    Custom LLM Implementation, fine tuned for summarizing healthcare documents, notes, and records

  • Clin2FHIR (coming soon)

    Automatically convert clinical documents, notes, and records to FHIR compatible bundles

  • PriorAuth (coming soon)

    Process prior auth related documents, including new req’s, correspondence, and outcomes

The demand for healthcare has never been greater

Streamline your workflows with Phelix, helping to alleviate the burden on your staff CALCULATE ROI