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No EMR integration needed

Say goodbye to manual charting: Embrace AI-powered efficiency

Start charting within minutes

Access customizable pre-trained templates and begin charting instantly – no EHR integration required. Simply log in and start charting effortlessly.

Save 80% of your time with superior accuracy

Experience context-driven insights with less hallucinations, reducing errors and saving you significant time on chart-based summaries.

Secure and PHI-compliant charting

Our platform ensures PHI compliance for US and Canada, meeting rigorous HIPAA and PIPEDA standards for secure patient data handling.

Experience effortless charting - No EMR integration required

Generate summaries from patient records

Phelix Copilot lets you upload documents, input text, or describe patient cases for automated note generation, ensuring accuracy and providing comprehensive context.

Get started with Pre-Trained Templates

Quickly start charting with pre-trained templates for discharge summaries, transfer notes, prior authorization letters, denial appeal letters, ensuring consistency and efficiency in documentation.

Personalization with training examples

Personalize note generation with training examples to align with individual physician or practice preferences, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

Fine-tune & refine outputs

Refine your outcomes using a conversational-style interface akin to ChatGPT. For instance, you can add specific follow-up plans or reference recent lab reports to tailor the output to your exact needs.

Generate follow-up letters & orders

Instantly generate detailed summaries, chart notes, and letters to providers based on your refined outputs. For instance, you can create follow-up letters outlining patient care plans or generate medication orders based on the refined information.

Ambient Scribe (coming soon)

Efficiently convert spoken words into comprehensive medical notes, simplifying and accelerating the documentation process within your charting workflow.

Form Assistant (coming soon)

Automatically complete various forms, including PDFs or online web forms, by utilizing the generated output to populate fields accurately and efficiently.

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Start charting in minutes

Seamlessly upload patient records, leverage pre-built templates, and personalize your documentation process for maximum efficiency. Say goodbye to manual charting and hello to streamlined workflows.