Instantly Transform PDF's to JSON

Phelix's Document API uses AI to turn unstructured healthcare PDF's into machine readable and structured JSON data. Use cases include triaging incoming faxes, parsing clinical text from PDF records, custom LLM implementations for Q&A and summarization, transforming clinical notes to FHIR bundles, prior auth workflows, and more. Sign up today and try it with your own PDF's!

Deploy pre-built AI models that drive immediate impact

Integrate into your application within minutes

Sign up for free, try the models, generate an API key, download postman collections, and you’re up and running

Industry leading performance for common tasks

Benchmarked accuracy for common document workflows, including reading faxes, classification, extracting clinical notes, Q&A, and more

Fully PHI compliant. Available for US and Canada

All models are available in US and Canada regions. HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant. SDK available to deploy in your own infrastructure

AI Powered Document API

Fax AI

Automatically triage and convert incoming faxes into structured data for your applications and workflows


Intelligent OCR to parse, tag, and store clinical text from multi-page clinical documents, notes, and records


Custom LLM Implementation, fine tuned for question and answering from healthcare documents, notes, and records

ClinSum (coming soon)

Custom LLM Implementation, fine tuned for summarizing healthcare documents, notes, and records

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Product Resources 24 Jun 2023

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Webinar: Automate Fax Triage and Management with Phelix

Product Resources 19 Jun 2023

There is a lot of talk about #axethefax in healthcare, and rightfully so, but the reality is that the volume of faxes/efaxes that most clinics deal with is only increasing. We recently held a...

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