Mark Clurg

AVP, Consumer Digital Solutions

“Felix makes mobile registration easy enough for my 88 year old mother to do. They have been an incredible partner in helping us to rapidly bring our vision to life.”

  • digital conversion rate 67%
  • patient satisfaction rate 99%
  • weeks to go-live 5

The challenge

Like many health systems, the registration process at ARC was highly manual with staff managing multiple, often duplicative work queues for each patient at each stage of the process. And while ARC has one of the highest Epic MyChart activation rates in the country, only 20-25% of established patients complete their pre-visit registration through MyChart, and even those often require additional manual touch. ARC partnered with Notable to redefine the registration process to improve the patient experience while also decreasing denials driven by inaccurate registration data.

The solution

In response to evolving patient expectations, Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) has invested in providing a superior digital patient experience, including same-day and after-hours appointments, 24/7 scheduling, and access to their care team through ARC MyChart. But even as they continued to improve access to care services and providers, ARC struggled to cope with increasing administrative burden for providers and staff.

Clinicians spent hours per day on documentation, with many spending more time in Epic into the evenings and weekends, or blocking additional time during the day to ‘catch up.’ Because of this, ARC recognized an opportunity to leverage modern technologies like intelligent automation, which uses digital assistants to perform repetitive administrative and clinical tasks the same way that a human would.

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